Why Al-Minhaal Academy?

Why should we enroll our children in an Islamic school?

Sooner or later, all Muslim parents face a difficult decision regarding the kind of Islamic education they want to provide their children with. They have the following options to choose from: public school, charter school, home schooling, weekend schools and full-time Islamic schools. The growing number of Islamic schools across the country shows that more and more parents choose to send their children to a full-time Islamic school many of which, including Al-Minhaal Academy, have waiting lists. Some parents are hesitant to send their children to an Islamic school because they fear that their child’s academic achievement might be compromised. While Al-Minhaal Academy respects and supports the decision of every parent who chooses the level of Islamic education that is appropriate for their child, we encourage you to consider the following advantages of an education at an Islamic school:

  • Your child will learn in an Islamic environment which is in sync with the religious and moral system at your home.
  • Your child’s Islamic identity and self-esteem will grow.
  • Friends and community built in the school will last for a lifetime.
  • An education at an Islamic school helps ensure Islamic continuity, preserving Muslim heritage and values for the next generations to come.

The following is a testimony from one Al-Minhaal Academy parent:
“I visited the public school system and was academically very successful, Alhamdulillah. But I had to always manage to live in two different worlds with very different value systems. Very often I felt forced to live a split personality and couldn’t focus on my studies because I was busy thinking how I would explain something what was happening in the school at home and vice versa. Since I have founded my own family, I was worried how I could spare my kids of the same experience. Finding Al-Minhaal Academy was the answer for my prayers. My kids maintain a very high educational success level and are at the same time in an environment which allows them to flourish, Alhamdulillah.”

If you have decided to take a close look at Islamic schools, we would appreciate if you consider Al-Minhaal Academy as your choice. Many parents have already done so for one or all of the following reasons.

Al-Minhaal Academy has graduated over 30 students from high school, many of whom were participant of the high school accelerated program (completed their high school in three years due to their high scores on their SATs). Our graduates were accepted into many prestigious universities such as Rutgers, NJIT, Seton Hall, and others. More than 75% of our High School graduates completed the memorization of the entire Qur’an. We have also received the candidacy status of accreditation by NPSAA, which has accredited over 130,000 independent private (non-public school) schools in the first year of operation.

Independent School:
The founder of Al-Minhaal Academy had made the wise decision that the school must stay independent of all other local and national organization influences. This insures that the board of directors staff can focus solely on Al-Minhaal Academy’s educational goals and does not need to consider others, sometimes political circumstances.

Alhamdulillah, we are located in a central location with access to most of the major highways including I-287 (Exits: 2B, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) Rt.1, Rt.18, Rt. 27, Rt. 9, NJ Turnpike, and Garden State Parkway. We are also located in a traffic free area to ensure the safety of our students.

School Community:
Al-Minhaal Academy has a very diverse student and parent population more than 7 languages are spoken at home. Our parents consist of American, Hispanic, Sri Lankian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Pakistani, Indian, Egyptian, Saudi Aarabian, Palestinian, Algerian, Morroccon, Sudanese, Jordanian, Chinese, etc. When you walk in our school, you feel the warmth of the family whom we consider as the parents, staff, and students.

The Academy is headed by Sheikh Ahmed Salem who has over 20 years of experience in the field if education specifically in Islamic Schools including: Al-Ghazaly School, Madrasatu Ahlus-Sunnah, Darul Arqam, and An-Noor Academy. Along with assisting in Islamic Education in schools, he also assists in educating and counseling incarcerated youth about Islam.

Allah (SWT) blessed us with a school facility that we will be using as our school. The facility offers: a science lab, computer lab, library, gym, and spacious classrooms. Al-Minhaal Academy offers high quality education and high qualified staff with great dedication and experience; they are very experienced in their fields. We are also offering a new toddler program which will enable toddlers to read by the end of the program’s duration. We also offer a Pre-Kindergarten program that exceeds many expectations. The school also offers a small group setting and a challenging curriculum which is designed to be both fun and educational. Our middle and high school classes are segregated.

Al-Minhaal Academy students and staff begin each day by glorifying Allah, the Most Exalted, and sending prayers to the Prophet (pbuh). This fosters the love of Allah and His Messenger in their hearts forever. They ask Allah for His protection and guidance daily.

Al-Minhaal Academy students live Islam to the fullest by gaining strong foundation of Taqwa at an early age, seeking the true understanding of Allah’s deen, and seeking the true, authentic understanding of Allah’s deen that deepens with each passing year. Our goal is to raise committed, balanced Muslims, conscious of their duty to their Creator, responsible in society, empowered with knowledge and have the ability to propagate Islam through their lives.

Al-Minhaal Academy students are achievers in their own right. They have excelled in their SAT scores with the assistance of CollegeBoard which enabled them acceptance to various prestigious colleges and universities in the state of New Jersey; they have also memorized the Qur’an in its entirety with its proper Tajweed.

Al-Minhaal Academy inculcates good health, where mind and body are one. Our robust physical education and health programs include sports such as basketball, handball, volleyball, football, soccer, etc.