Feedback and Testimonials

Feedback and Testimonials

The following is a testimony from one Al-Minhaal Academy parent:

“I visited the public school system and was academically very successful, Alhamdulillah. But I had to always manage to live in two different worlds with very different value systems. Very often I felt forced to live a split personality and couldn’t focus on my studies because I was busy thinking how I would explain something what was happening in the school at home and vice versa. Since I have founded my own family, I was worried how I could spare my kids of the same experience. Finding Al-Minhaal Academy was the answer for my prayers. My kids maintain a very high educational success level and are at the same time in an environment which allows them to flourish, Alhamdulillah.”

Here is another testimony from an Al-Minhaal Academy parent:

“I am a highly educated person back in my country and I thought I had achieved everything. When I came to America I was very impressed by their education system and decided to put my children into public school. When I used to go visit my child’s school I would be very pleased with everything the school provided. I didn’t want my children to lose their Islamic knowledge so I decided to send them to a weekend school where they can learn about Islam, their religion.Many people would speak to me about Islamic schools but I thought why waste my money when the public schools that my children are enrolled in are very good. But one day it really hit me when my 8-year old son came up to me and said, mom, you were raised in Pakistan, a Muslim country, everyone around you was Muslim which made you like your religion, Islam. I want to try all different religions and choose what I feel comfortable with. I don’t want to be a terrorist or a bad person who kills innocent people. Also, It’s hard waking up for fajr but you do it because of the environment you were raised in, but for Americans its hard.

After hearing this from my young son I felt like I have wasted my entire life. That is when I came to realize that public school had a great influence on my child which wasn’t good at all. Now I am here enrolling my children in an Islamic School, Al-Minhaal Academy, with the hope that they would gain their Islamic knowledge and religion back again. Al-Minhaal Academy promises to help strengthen my children s religion and always be there to aid them.”