================================================= JOIN us this upcoming conference 11/27-30/2014 PLANT TODAY, HARVEST TOMORROW! -=- 2014-2015 Registration NOW OPEN!! Reserve your Seats NOW!-=- EID MUBARAK! Inshallah Eid will be on MONDAY-=- RAMADAN MUBARAK! Come Join us with Imam karim AbuZaid and Sh. Waleed Atef -=- ALLAHU AKBAR! Alhamdulillah Al-Minhaal Academy won FIRST place in TWO events and SIXTH place in two other events under the mentorship of Br. Ehsaan Haji, Sis. Asmaa Salem, and Sis. Soulafa Amer. May Allah (swt) Reward all of the students, Mentors and Volunteers. Ameen. -=- Congratulations to the Al-Minhaal Class of 2013! May Allah always make you successful in this dunya and grant you Jannah in the hereafter. Ameen! -=- -=-